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Grammy Fitzsimmons' "Toast on the stove"

About the Recipe

Brought to you by Michael Patrick King on Episode 2 of "Cooking By Heart" with Chris Sarandon


  • Slice of white bread

  • Irish butter (room temperature)

  • White granulated sugar

Equipment needed:

  • A Metal Fork

  • A WOOD-BURNING KITCHEN STOVE (if you do not have access to a time machine – the open flame of a gas stove will do.)

  • A COT or COMFY BED – to lay down in when you need to crash after the excessive sugar in this recipe leaves your system.


  1. Take a slice of white bread and pierce the top/MIDDLE of the bread with the prongs of the fork. – stick the prongs into the top of the bread from above, move the prongs under the bread - then right back out to the top again. It should create a kind of cradle to hold the bread aloft over the flame. (It may require a few slices to master the proper prong hole/bread ratio.)

  2. Holding the end of the fork, dangle the bread over the open flame as you allow the bread to burn and get PEAKS of DARK CHAR on the white bread. (Do not overburn – just peaks)

  3. Take bread off the flame. Flip the slice over – repeat the prong process on this side.

  4. Dangle the new virgin side of the bread over the open flame to get the peaks of CHAR.

  5. Remove bread from flame, remove fork.

  6. Slather the “burnt Bread” with butter. Make sure the butter is room temp.

  7. Place buttered toast on a plate.

  8. Take a HEAPING TABLESPOON of white sugar and sprinkle ALL of it onto the slice of bread. The sugar will clump to the warm slathered-on butter and create “little white snowdrifts”.

  9. Lift toast and take a bite. Repeat.

  10. After you have finished the slice, run around, and do things for 20-30 minutes (depending on your metabolism), then lay down and take a sugar-induced nap.

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