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Listen Notes, May 2023

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What is "Cooking By Heart?"

"Cooking By Heart" was created by famous actor Chris Sarandon in October of 2022 and has already been ranked in the top 5% of podcasts globally by Listen Notes. This podcast, featuring discussions with well-known actors, directors, authors, chefs, politicians, business figures, and comedians will center on memories of the meals or favorite foods we all grew up with, from the exotic to the mundane, dishes that still tickle or tantalize us as adults. And, most importantly, we’ll discuss the stories and people that accompany those memories.

In one episode, actor Cary Elwes (The Princess Bride) recalls spending time in Spain as a boy, and still dreams of his father cooking delicious Spanish omelets (Tortilla Espaniola). In another episode, famed chef, PBS personality, and author, Jacques Pépin, describes his mother’s wartime specialty when he was a boy which he has named after her, Eggs Jeannette (Les Oeufs Jeannette). Multiple Grammy and CMA award winner Kathy Mattea reminisces about a summer vegetable salad her father loved to prepare: now, when she makes it for herself, she imagines they are still at lunch together. And actor/author/gourmet cook Michael Tucker (LA Law) remembers the mouth-watering brisket sandwiches he would surreptitiously devour when, as a delivery boy carrying precious gems for his jeweler uncle, he would also pick up lunch sandwiches for his uncle’s staff at a local pool hall.

Season 1 

Dying To Get To You

Composed by Aaron David Gleason

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