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"Cooking By Heart" Live Taping on January 21, 2023

Jan 16, 2023

Get tickets to hear Chris Sarandon and legendary chef, Jacques Pépin, record a new episode of "Cooking By Heart"

Join Chris Sarandon on Saturday, January 21, 20223 at 2pm at the Sacred Heart University Community Theatre.

He will be recording episode 13 of "Cooking By Heart" with special guest Jacques Pépin.

About Jacques:

One of the world’s most iconic, beloved chefs, Jacques Pépin helped change the way America cooks and eats. Since his childhood in France, the chicken has been like Proust’s madeleine for Jacques—conjuring memory and sparking inspiration. Indeed, this most commonplace fowl has lived at the intersection of his two passions: cooking and painting. In his beautifully illustrated new book, Jacques Pépin Art of the Chicken: A Master Chef's Paintings, Stories, and Recipes of the Humble Bird, this legendary chef celebrates a lifelong love, combining dozens of his vibrant and whimsical paintings with poignant and humorous reminiscences from his life and storied career—garnished with recipes.

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